6 Drugstore Makeup Must-Haves

Yes we all love our top brand makeup products, but we also all have at least one drugstore cosmetic item that really does the job for us, below we listed 6 of our favorites that you might want to get your hands on (if you haven’t already) they are all so affordable anyway, why not give it a try? It might end up replacing one of the expensive products in your makeup bag.


Flower Beauty Daily Brightening Under-eye Cover Creme


This rollerball under-eye concealer is the new “it” thing; because it does one very crucial thing for girls, covers up the fact that you’ve been out rock ‘n’ rolling ALL night! This formula covers up dark circles and de-puffs under-eye bags, what more can we ask for? The metal rolling ball makes the application so much better, by awakening and stimulating your skin. Exclusive at Walmart.


L’OREAL True Match Foundation


I can honestly say this foundation can be compared to MANY top makeup brand foundations. Besides it being very blend able, it is also build able, so if you’re like me that prefer a bit more coverage, all you have to do is build up to your liking and blend away, it leaves a smooth flawless matte finish, I would wear this any day over MAC’s studio fix.


Falsies Mascara by Maybelline

This mascara is probably one of the only ones that pretty much everyone has as part of their makeup collection, and I mean how could you not? It really lives up to it’s name (specially when applied correctly) it adds length and volume, separates the eyelashes and helps curl them, when not in the mood for falsies, apply this mascara and you’ll be just as good.


L’OREAL Lineur Intense Brush Tip



This liquid liner (specifically the brush tip one) is great for all types of cat eye looks, it’s very thin and manageable, it is also very long lasting; Great for the everyday use, it doesn’t crack and the intensity of the shade remains throughout the day.


Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation by Maybelline


Besides the convenience of having your foundation ready on a stick to dab across your face and blend away with a beauty blender sponge, this foundation has a mattefying core for shine control. I’ve used this mainly for contouring (since it is a creme foundation on a stick), thought it would be easy so I gave it a try, and I loved it! I picked up a pretty dark brown shade to contour with, it glided through the creases of my nose very smoothly and it blended great, which is crucial for contouring! Definitely a must-have.


Salon Perfect Demi Wispies Eye Lashes


I’ve never been a drugstore fake eyelash person, until I came across these. The name “Demi Wispies” called my attention since we all know that “Wispies” from Ardell are one of the best looking falsies ever. These Demi Wispies from Salon Perfect are very similar, a bit smaller (which I like for a more natural look) but they still make a statement! They are very comfortable when applied correctly, and stay on all day (no corners coming off) after I apply them I blend my natural lashes with the falsies using mascara for a nice full natural look.


All these products are found at all drugstores, with the exception of Flower Beauty Daily Brightening Under-eye Cover Creme, that is a Walmart exclusive.